Wood rot repair and partial replacements

Wood rot repair in the Westland

During our paint work we regularly encounter wood rot. Wood rot can be recognised by soft spots in the wood, where the wood splinters and easily breaks. The rot is caused by a long-term exposure to moisture. Luckily you found us!

Looking for a cost-saving solution

We will visit the site to assess what way is best to solve your wood rot problem. A complete replacement of your window frames for example, may not be necessary. We can also repair the wood rot or replace parts of the rotten wood. These options are cheaper, but very good as well.

Wood rot specialists

With our expertise and only the best materials we will solve your wood rot problem before we start painting. After successfully repairing or replacing the wood, we will give you a guarantee of up to 10 years! One less thing to worry about, right?

Prevention is better than cure

Of course, the prevention of wood rot is the cheapest option. You can do this by good and timely maintenance. Feel free to contact us for more information. We would like to give you some maintenance advice and inform corporate clients and homeowner’s associations on maintenance contracts.