Maintenance advice

Maintenance contracts and maintenance advice in the Westland

Are you located in or near the Westland, do you want a well-maintained office building and do you like to know where you stand? Then a maintenance advice and a maintenance contract by Martijn Bakker Schilderwerken are the perfect solution!

Maintenance contract: profitable for corporate clients and homeowner’s associations

We conclude maintenance contracts with corporate clients and homeowner’s associations. These are a profitable option to keep your office building, or parts thereof, in optimal condition. We draw up the contract after discussing your wishes, so it will always be perfectly tailored to your needs.

Know where you stand

With a fixed price you always know where you stand. Thanks to the regular maintenance, you will prevent your building from deteriorating, which can save you a lot of money. A maintenance contract is the best option for you!

Maintenance advice in the Westland

We would like to come by to discuss all possibilities. We would also like to hear what you find important when it comes to the maintenance contract. Based on that information, we will provide you with an advice and a quote, perfectly tailored to your wishes. Feel free to contact us right away!