Hiring a paperer in the Westland?

When hiring one of our qualified paperers in the Westland, you can rest assured that the result will be tight and beautiful, from any type of glass-fabric wallpaper to decorative wallpaper. With our modern techniques and tools, we will work fast, efficient and cheap!

If we do it, we do it well

We would like to advise you on site as to the different types of wallpaper and we will immediately take a look at what is needed for a perfect result. We will provide professional stucco work, seal if needed and inform you if crack-bridging materials are required.

Specialised in glass-fabric wallpaper

The professional application of glass-fabric wallpaper is an art in itself. Thanks to our years of experience and thought out techniques, we know how to apply any glass-fabric wallpaper in the best way possible. It’s our specialisation!

All things nice and tidy

Working in a safe and clean environment is important to us. We only use sanding machines with a built-in vacuum, professionally cover all objects and surfaces and make sure we leave the room clean and tidy during our final inspection.

Modern and innovative

Modern techniques and the latest trends; we are completely up to speed. Our wallpaper glue machines save time and money. And did you know that we work together with interior designers and interior design stores? At Martijn Bakker Schilderwerken you will always find the wallpaper that suits you!

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