Stucco work

Your plasterer near you in the Westland!

Before we can start painting, some stucco work is required to plaster (parts of) ceilings and walls or to add corner welds. We can do this for you, so you can profit from our tight schedule and fast working methods. All that near you in the Westland!

If we do it, we do it well

We would like to advise you on the required stucco work. We will assess whether corner welds need to be placed or whether plastering may be a better option for you. We will always apply a special gauze to the ceiling to prevent cracking. We will do everything for the best result!

Flexible plasterers

Stucco work is very often needed when building new homes, rebuilding or renovating. Our experience has taught us that the schedules of these projects can change sometimes, which we will deal with in a professional and flexible manner.

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