Spray painting

Spray painting your ceiling, walls or window frames in the Westland

Spray painting your ceiling, walls or window frames is a cheap option with a tight and beautiful result. Thanks to the layer thickness combined with the spray technique, dust won’t get any chance and the paint will be applied smoothly. Ideal for water paint and a high-gloss finish.

On site or elsewhere

Walls, ceiling and indoor woodwork will be spray painted on site at clients in the Westland. We can also spray paint doors at your place. Would you like your window frames or doors to be painted elsewhere? Our qualified spray painters will help you!

All things nice and tidy

Working in a safe and clean environment is important to us. We only use sanding machines with a built-in vacuum, we professionally cover all objects and surfaces that do not have to be painted and during our final inspection we make sure we leave the room clean and tidy.

Modern and innovative

Our profession develops rapidly. Modern painting techniques (such as spray painting), the newest types of paint and the latest trends; we are completely up to speed. We can always provide you with the best advice and a perfect result!

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